Ebeneezer and Henry Martingale Collars

April 23, 2016 By Caroline Burgos  

As a owner of 6 retired rescue greyhounds, I am always looking for that perfect martingale collar. During my search of many companies, there was one that stood out that I recently discovered. Ebeneezer and Henry Collars. We turned to the Owner Cathy Arrington of Ebeneezer and Henry to share with us her story on how she started this awesome company. 

Who and What is Ebeneezer and Henry? The quick answer is that they are greyhounds and it is the name of my collar-making company. But there is so much more to it than that.


My name is Cathy Arrington, and after adopting my first greyhound, Gracie, I fell in love with the breed. I purchased two brothers from their breeder, yes you guessed it – Ebeneezer and Henry! They grew up on a farm with the rest of their litter mates and lots of other pups. They learned to race but it turns out they were not the best racers and we retired them to our home last year. Meanwhile we lost Gracie to the evil osteosarcoma. We adopted Ebeneezer and Henry’s momma Dream, and another retired brood named Lady.

My Foster Greyhound Story

We tried to foster for our local adoption group but failed miserably and had to keep Hercules. I tried to do a friend a favor by taking care of his retired racer, Yogi ( who is also Ebeneezer and Henry’s brother) until he could arrange transport for him up to Canada – and yes you guessed it again – we fell in love with him and his owner asked if we wanted to keep him. And if that is not enough, we also own another racer who is just beginning his race career, and if he doesn’t make it, he will also come home! So if you have been counting you came up with 6 at home and 1 at the track. Yes, I have 7 “kids”! They range in age from 22months old (Nami at the track) to Lady who will turn 10 this week. Ebeneezer, Henry, and Yogi are all still in the terrible 2’s! Always ready to play, chew, run, and eat! They are funny, loving, crazy, grouchy at times, and keep me on my toes!

My Story behind the Ebeneezer and Henry Collar Company   

 So where does my collar company come in?

Well it all started as an idea that the adoption group I volunteer for (GST’S) Sun State Greyhound Adoption  had to help raise funds for our dogs. We thought we could sell collars at meet and greets, and being a crafty person, I volunteered to try and make some collars. One thing led to another and I got very good at making them. I found that I love to make them. I love to shop for fabrics.

I love to dress my dogs in a different collar depending on the season or where we are going. They never wear the same collar to the vet’s office (and we are always there for one thing or another). Their collars must match their muzzles. Their tag collars must match their martingales. You get the picture……I needed to learn to make collars for my group to raise funds and for my own obsession as well. 

My Martingale Collars, Tags/Leash information     

Martingale collars, tag collars, and matching leashes are what I specialize in on my website www.ebeneezerandhenry.com although I can make standard buckle collars by request.

In fact, the collars I make for our adoption group to sell at meet and greets are mostly standard buckle collars. I take pride in making a beautiful collar that is also put together with safety in mind.

  • All my collars and leashes have polypro webbing interior for softness and strength
  • Heavy duty welded D-rings are used
  • Collars are tested by my own dogs
  • Fabrics chosen are all machine washable on gentle cycle, then air dry
  • Low prices are offered so that anyone can afford to have multiple collars, prices include free shipping to U.S. addresses! 
  • Tag collars (or house collars) are made without a D-ring, the tags can be attached to the metal hardware on the side
  • It is not recommend that a martingale be left on, especially if unsupervised, because of the chance that it can get caught on something and tighten, possibly causing choking.
  • To properly fit a martingale it is important that there is at least two fingers width between the metal hardware on the control loop. The metal hardware must not be able to touch each other or the collar will not properly tighten and your dog can squirm loose.
  • Use your own judgement in determining the safety of any collar that your dog wears  


Please visit my face book page  Ebeneezer and Henry

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I know you will find something you like! 

Any questions please email me at ebeneezerandhenry@gmail.com

I am also happy to donate collars to groups that are having fundraisers or auctions.

For more information on Sun State Greyhound Adoption (GST’S)  click the links below.

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Photos provided by Cathy Arrington