6 Tips to Master the Walk

Mastering the walk with your pet will lead the path for you to build your Pack Leader skills

Walk in front of your dog

  • Before you exit your home, make sure you lead the way out the door


    Master The Walk

  • You should be walking in front of your dog
  • Dogs that walk in front of their owners, assume the role as the Pack Leader

Use a Short Leash

  • Using the appropriate length,will allow you to control the lead during your walk and make it easier to give corrections
  • Using a flexi lead will not allow you the control you need for proper leash training
  • Use an appropriate collar for your dog that will sit at the highest point of there neck

Allow enough Time for the walk

  • Ideally a walk should be 30-60 minutes. The length of time for your walk will differ for each specific dog and breed
  • Consult your veterinarian to discuss your exercise plan with your pet
  • Keep an eye out on your dog’s behavior to make sure that your dogs needs are being met. This will allow you to pass this information to your vet should a behavioral problem arise

When to Reward your dog on a walk

  • Make certain that your dog is focused and is in the proper state of mind during your walks, you may then allow your dog to enjoy sniffing,exploring and of course relieving himself. You will need to decide when your dogs reward is over. Your dog’s reward time should not be longer then your  walk. 

Maintain your Pack Leader status

  • When you return home, be certain to walk in the door first and have your pet follow after. Have your dog sit while you take of their leash and put it away

Reward your Dog after your walk

  • Provide food and fresh water to your pet if that is your routine of course, or provide a nice healthy treat
  • You may now provide lots of affection

Disclaimer: “This content is strictly informational/opinion of the author and owner is not claiming to be an expert in this topic”. Consult your Veterinary Professional for all medical advice and treatment.