Crate Training Your Pet

Get Them Ready

Before you begin crate training you want to make sure your dog has been walked and has gone to the bathroom and has drained any excess energy they may have. This will allow you to prevent from having to take a break in the middle of your “crate training” for a potty break.    

Patience and Positivity

Being patient during crate training is key, you want to make the experience a positive one.

Make it Comfy

Make the crate comfortable for your pet. There are many crate beds you can purchase to place inside the crate, or if your pets bed fits inside the crate that will do as well.

Use Treats

Does your pet have a favorite treat? If so placing a favorite treat in the crate, and encourage your pet to go inside.

Close the Door Briefly

Your goal eventually is to close the door completely with your dog calm. Once you see that your pet is calm and comfortable in the crate with the door open, offer your pet a toy or another treat while they are just hanging out in the crate. While your pet is distracted and engaged close the door to the crate.

Start with 5 minute intervals and walk away from the crate, but make sure that your pet is still visible to you.

Gradually, increase the period of time your pet is in the crate . During this time make sure you leave the room so that your pet understands they are safe and that eventually you will return to let them out.

Continue with this routine and your pet will eventually accept the use of the crate. It just may turn into your pets favorite place to sleep even when the door is not closed.

Disclaimer: “This content is strictly the opinion of the author and owner is not claiming to be an expert in this topic”. Consult your Veterinary Professional  for all medical advice and treatment/training.