Blog Series: Pet Friendly Apartment Living

Finding the perfect apartment may be different for everyone, especially if you are a pet owner. Unfortunately, there are times that renters surrender dogs and cats to shelters because they are unable to secure pet-friendly housing. You don not have to give up your pet to find a great home. Here are tips to consider before you start your search for pet-friendly housing.  


1. Start your Search

  • Allow enough time to research pet friendly apartments in your area. Start with between 2 to 4 weeks, unless your are living in a more demanding market, which may require more time.
  • Keep your move date in mind. Do not assume that there will be available apartments during the time frame you need

 2. Expect to Pay More

  • You may need to post a non-refundable pet deposit  
  • You may need to pay a monthly pet rent fee, in addition to the monthly rent
  • See more here for more general information on Pet Rent Fees

3. Breed Restrictions

  •  Be aware of possible breed restrictions when searching for apartments
  • Some landlords may require a veterinarian’s certificate  stating your dog’s breed
  • Click the following link for additional information on the 11 Riskiest Dog Breeds for Homeowners and Renters

4. Show that you are a Responsible Pet Owner

  • Provide proof that your pet is up to date on all required vaccinations
  • Provide proof that  your pet is registered or licensed according to any required state or local laws
  • If your dog completed a training class provide your landlord a copy of the certificate of completion. If your dog is currently enrolled in a class, obtain a letter from your trainer stating that your pet is in enrolled and will complete the class on a specific date.





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