Pet Proofing Your Home

Pets are very curious by nature, so pet proofing your home for PETS of ALL AGES will help keep your furry family member safe.

Kitchen/ Bathrooms

  • Keep all cabinets closed. Should you have a pet that knows how to open your cabinets, place child proof latches on the doors. If your kitchen is designed to put a gate up in the doorway that is another option for you
  • Keep all Food off counters, even if the food is safe for your pet the wrapper or container may not be
  • Keep all dirty dishes off counters and out of the sink. This will help any pets that are tempted to jump in the sink like a cat or a dog from jumping on the sink to see what scraps they can find  
  • Keep knives out of reach. Especially if you have a cat that jumps on your counter tops
  • Keep all Cleaners and Medication up on a high shelf
  • Keep trash cans covered with a lid
  • Keep Food Pantry Door Closed
  • Keep lid to the toilet closed this will help from pets drowning and drinking harmful chemicals. You can even just closed the door to the bathroom



  • Keep shoes behind closed doors as well as laundry. Buttons and drawstrings can cause major problems if swallowed
  • Keep all jewelry out of reach on a high shelf and store in its own box
  • Keep all medications and other nick knacks off your bedside table
  • Keep all wires out of sight and reach from your pet
  • Keep all drawers closed and closets, there are pets like cats,kittens and small dogs that may fit in these areas,You would not want to accidentally close the closet door or drawer with a beloved pet inside

Family/Living/Dining Rooms

  • Keep all dangling wires from TV’s, DVD’S, Lamps and other electrical equipment out of reach from your pet
  • Pick up all children’s toys and games and put them away in a safe place away from your pets
  • Remove an nick knacks such as  remote controls to TV’s, DVD’s etc as your cat or dog can knock them over or even be tempted to chew on them
  • Move all plants that could be poisonous to your pet in another room that your pet does not have access to, this includes an hanging plants your cat can jump into. See list here Toxic/Non Toxic Plants
  • Put all shoes, purses,book bags out of reach. Pets are very curious and can chew on these items causing a choking hazard or cause an  intestinal  blockage if swallowed  
  • Keep all candles regardless of being lit  out of reach of pets especially cats who tend to jump on tables
  • Keep  pets away from fireplaces,regardless if the fireplace is being used or not. Keep the chute to the fireplace closed and use a fireplace screen protector. This will help curious pets from removing any logs, fire chips and even your cat finding a way up the chimney
  • Keep all loose change away from your pets, these items  can cause  a choking  hazard or an intestinal  blockage if swallowed  


  • Clean up any Antifreeze off the floor
  • Move all chemicals and cleaners up on a high shelf
  • Bang on your car hood, to ensure there are not kittens or cats hiding to keep safe or warm
  • Keep all sharp objects and tools off floor and on high shelves
  • Keep all garage doors shut should your home have a door that opens into the garage. Should you need to keep the door that leads to the garage open, close your garage door so your pet does not escape

Disclaimer: “This content is strictly informational/opinion of the author and owner is not claiming to be an expert in this topic”. Consult your Veterinary Professional for all medical advice and treatment.