Mobile Pet Food Pantry

As pet owners we want to do the very best to care for our furry family members. But times of uncertainty can quickly approach unexpectedly.Where would you get medical care or even food for your pet during these times.

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Wendy Young President/Executive Director of a non profit organization called The Wuff House, Inc.

Here is a little about how I contributed to The Wuff House,Inc organization and what they are all about.

The Wuff House,Inc. is a non profit 501c3 organization that provides domestic pets with the essential care when their owners are unable to. This can be due to temporary financial, medical or personal emergencies. These resources hopefully will reduce the amount of pets being neglected,surrendered,or even abandoned.

As a pet owner myself I could not imagine not being able to provide for them. It is organizations like The Wuff House,Inc. that give the members of the community resources to keep their beloved pet while dealing with financial hardship and more.

Wendy and her team work hard all year long to keep their Mobile Food Pantry Stocked. They currently receive food donations from local pet stores in the area and other resources . They continue to contribute to the community by organizing events to raise funds to help pet owners in need.

I just knew I had to contribute to this amazing organization. Being a pet parent, you can never have enough pet themed items in your home for you or your pet. So I put my crafty skills to work and donated over 90 pieced of handmade jewelry pet themed and non pet themed bracelets. Wendy was then able to use these items at events and raise funds for their organization.

I was so pleased when Wendy told me that the bracelets where selling out very quickly. So if you are not sure how you can contribute to an organization, contact them directly and ask them what can you donate to help raise funds.

You would be surprised how many organizations need the communities support to meet the daily needs of the pets they care for,.

Just think about what your donation can do to help a pet in need that finds themselves and their owner at the doorstep of The Wuff House, Inc.

For more information about The Wuff House,Inc and how you can help or volunteer please see below for all contact information.

The Wuff House,Inc.
PO Box 432
Hainesport, NJ 08036
Phone: 609-346-6489

Disclaimer: “This content is strictly the opinion of the author and owner is not claiming to be an expert in this topic”. Consult your Veterinary Professional  for all medical advice and treatment/training.