How to Introduce Your Dog to a "New Pack Member"

It's the million dollar question, How can I introduce my dog to one dog or a pack of dogs. Whether you start out having one dog as part of your family and add other furry family members the introduction is key. 

I am often asked how I can have a pack of  7 greyhounds and 1 miniature schnauzer in my home and not have a dog fight. The answer is simple my pack knows who the "Pack Leader" is. When you have a pack of dogs, you must establish rules, limitations and boundaries or your pack will take over from the human. Dogs are smart and if they see a human that is not leading their pack they will. 

I often hear I introduced  my dog to another dog and it was a fight from the beginning . I do not understand why because my dog is very friendly.  The friendliness of your dog is not what is key on how successful a first time dog introduction will be. Think of it this way, you as a human are in a social situation and a totally stranger just comes up to you and invades your personal space. What would you say you felt that very moment?

I would say you feel this human did not respect your personal space.  So yes think about how your dog feels when you just let another dog enter his/her personal space head on  face to face. 

Here are a few tips to help you along with introducing your dog to a new pack member. These tips can vary depending if you are introducing a new member to the pack or if you are just meeting a new dog for the first time. 

  • All dogs should meet on neutral territory.
  • Take a leisurely walk with the dogs together first
  • Be mindful when returning to your home who enters the home first 
  • Allowing a new dog/pack member to enter the home first is an invasion of territory

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